Paul Raymer

Owner, SoilOptix, Inc.

Paul Raymer grew up on a dairy farm in the heart of south western Ontario. He graduated with a degree in Mechanical Engineering – specializing in Mobile Equipment design. Paul gained extensive industrial employment experience – including living out a childhood dream – working for John Deere Research & Development in a tenure of seven years.

Now today, Paul owns a company & is leading a bright young team on utilizing the latest technology to help uncover some of the mysteries of our agricultural soils.

SoilOptix Inc. is providing a new foundation for precision agriculture today. With producing the highest resolution soil property maps obtainable, SoilOptix reveals untouched personalities of each field in unprecedented detail. The SoilOptix digital product delivers to agronomists and growers a new level of definition in information to assist in the decisions to apply the right product in the right place (seed, fertilizer, etc.) The company is backed by years of research, experience and continuing to ever expand in the knowledge of soil science.